About our service



12VPN creates a secured tunnel between you and one of the 12VPN servers. Everything you do on the Internet is transferred through this tunnel and protected from others.


Your IP address and location will be hidden from others on the Internet. They will see the IP address and location of our 12VPN server, never yours.


12VPN allows you choose from servers in different countries and access websites that may normally be inaccessible from your location.


Connect all your Mac and Windows computers. Use the software we provide or DIY, we’ll support you either way.


Use the VPN when you’re on the road or traveling. Smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS are both supported.

Around the world

Connect to a local server for the best performance or a far away server to get a foreign experience. Your 12vpn plan comes with servers around the world.

Let us know if your preferred location is missing. Using our automated server deployment system we can add the location you need very quickly.

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